Facilitate Frictionless Global Social Banking
GEA is an integrated global platform connecting financial institutions, E-Wallets and merchants around the world to enjoy financial inclusion services
Our Solutions
Money Transfer Hub
Break boundaries of payment! Money Transfer Hub is a B2B unified electronic payment platform, which aims to provide credit transfer and merchant payment service. It enables easy cross-bank/E-Wallet payments. A range of fintech services with 24/7 Global Fund Transfer, Global Payment, Global Cash Withdrawal and Global Mass Payout are offered to our customers and merchants
Global Fund Transfer
Leverage GEA’s fund transfer network to receive and pay funds. Enjoy real-time and low-cost fund transfer features to overseas bank accounts, cash pickup points, or E-Wallets on GEA's network.
Global Payment
Leverage GEA’s merchant network to enable end users to pay globally. Consumers and merchants can enjoy seamless foreign currency exchange, coin-exchange free transaction and smooth online / offline shopping experience
Global Cash Withdrawal
Facilitate participants and their customers to deliver cash quickly through millions cash pickup points. Assist consumer with any essential or emergency cash situations. Cash in hand anytime!
Global Mass Payout
Initiate a real-time bulk fund transfer instruction to mass beneficiaries\' bank accounts, cash pick-up points and e-Wallets. Participants can enjoy several ways of disbursement and easily cater different needs of beneficiaries
Social Hub
Communication boost conversions of transaction! Social hub is an interoperable social platform which provides communication service. It facilitates P2P call and instant messaging service for users in different applications to messaging or information exchange for their transactions
P2P call
Provide communication service of voice calls. End users can have a direct and smooth conversation for their transaction.
Instant Messaging
Provide communication service of sending plain text and media messaging. End users can easily share text, image, video and audio to start their transaction.
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